Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Golden Compass


About the time the first Harry Potter book came out I also heard about this trilogy. Of course with all the Potter hype a lot of people missed out on The Golden Compass. Called "Northern Lights in the UK
This is far and away better than Harry Potter who frankly, in my opinion has become boring and predictable. What happened to the fun and mystery of his "magic?" Now everything is full of death and evil. Anyway I digress. There is a lot of mystery, excitement, beautiful bad people, talking bears , witches who save the day and lots of just darn right facination in the Golden Compass . The story line is a lot more complicated and there twist at the end . I just saw a trailer for the Golden Compass movie which comes out in December 2007. (Click on the link to go to the web page). The story centers around Lyra a little girl who lives in a parallel universe to ours.
With wonderful words that roll off your tongue like "a-lee-thee-om-iter" ( that's the Golden Compass) and one of the characters I really like is Serefina Peccula; well it is a magical book what more can I say. In Lyra's world everyone's soul lives outside their body in the form of an animal. Apparently my "daemon" will continue to change for 12 days before it finally settles. It started out as a mouse. *BG


FeyRhi said...

Sounds like a great series of books. I'm reading the Dresden files at the moment, I bet the girls would like those. Are they appropriate?

Myfanwy said...

This series is geared for 10-12 yr olds. The plot is very complicated but exciting.I think they would enjoy it more in a couple of years.
If you go to my blog list at the right and click on "Clean Reads" there are some wonderful titles there that I think would be appropriate. Remember when I read the "Indian In The Cupboard" to you guys? I think your Dad and I enjoyed that as much as you...lolol