Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sick day

Guess who is happy I have taken a day off?
Miss Chloe enjoyed being out on the patio with me for a couple of hours this afternoon
It was very relaxing and I enjoyed listening to my "book on tape" and even indulged in a "little wine for my stomachs sake" while I knit on some socks for my Mummy. At least it was very restful until the obsessive maniac nexk door felt obliged to mow his grass...again.. If he would stop fertilizing the damn thing he wouldn't have to cut it so often. He shattered my reverie and drowned out my tape machine..grrr. while he was doing that I wandered around with my camera and snapped these pics.
These little blue bells are peeking out underneath the old wheelbarrow. The rest of the garden is au natural until we pass the 24th of May and we can expect no more frost at night. Then and just then I may put in some tomatoes and snow peas. Which means of course I am going to have to move the old wheelbarrow and disturb natures garden.
Then as if the noise wasn't bad enough it started to sprinkle with rain and I had to abandon
My comfy spot and take Chloe inside and then dash to gather up all my "accouterments" before the deluge. Check out the beaded slippers! I have them in six different colours..lololol


Sam said...

So you subscribe to the 24th of May freezing too? Most people here do too - they call the last days in May 'les saints glaces' which is pretty and evocative, being 'the ice saints' days.
The only one I know is St. Gervais - which is also a big brand of ice cream here in France, much to my delight!

Myfanwy said...

Morning Sam,
Yes, well somethings are just "done," my mother said so. However I am a rebel and will wear white shoes after Labour Day. *G