Saturday, May 26, 2007

Where were you?

As a momentous birthday looms on the horizon I began to think of all the things that have happened in my life time.

The construction of the Berlin Wall.....Mr Robertson, my grade 8 teacher and principal at Mather School in Fort Erie, drew a map of Berlin on the slate board and tried to explain to us the thinking behind that stupidity.

First manned rocket launch....I was in Grade 9 math class. The teacher brought in a TV set.

When Kennedy was shot.........changing into "purple bloomer jumpsuit" (shudder) for gym class, we were listening to a forbidden transistor radio. The rich girl in the class was showing off.

The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday night....watching TV with my family in the living room.

Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby.....walking into my Auntie Kate's house.

Bobby Kennedy being shot...I was watching TV while I babysat.

Martin Luther King died.....riding in the car to Fort Erie, my brother was car sick.

Viet Nam War.. all through high school.

Watergate: the movie... I was expecting Julia...Time magazine covered the movie the week she was born. (Dustin Hoffman was a baby face)

First man on the moon......gathered around the TV with my family, in the living room, eating birthday cake, it was my brother David's 14th birthday.

Massacre at the Berlin Olympics.....folding laundry and ironing in front of the TV

September 11, 2001...Ironing a shirt in front of the TV, (see a pattern here?)

Did you notice:

We had black slate boards, with white chalk in our classroom in Grade 8
We HAD to wear gym argument
The class room did not have a TV
Transistor Radios were a luxury (what's a transistor radio you ask?)
We lived in our "living" rooms were called "rumpus
rooms" and were in the gloomy basement
What's a computer?
We actually did ironing......

Oh shit I am getting old!


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Myfanwy said...

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