Saturday, May 12, 2007

Do Faeries Live At The Bottom OF Your Garden?

If you have an ounce of mystery and romance in your soul you have to believe in faeries! Of course they live at the bottom of the garden or in the vernacular, the back yard. They reside under trees and in that dimension we haven't quite permeated.
Those of course are the urban faeries. Now, rural faeries they live in places like Rockwood, in the undisturbed portions of natures wood and rocks.
An interesting article surfaced recently that has had a good number of people in a tizzy. A man in Derbyshire England claimed to have found the mummified body of a faerie.
Why must we see to believe? Have we become so cynical that there is no more magic left in the world?
What Dan discovered, and I will let you read the whole article, is that regardless what people are told they will believe what they want. So I guess there is still magic in the world. Faeries still live at the bottom of the garden and definitely at Rockwood. How do I know? I just know. So there!


Sam said...

That is sort of sweet and sort of creepy, lol.

Tinkerbell a Mummy?
Happy Mummy's day!

Myfanwy said...

Hmmm I thought it looked a little frightening actually. Not exactly the faerie image I want my grandaughters to picture.
Thank you for the "Happy Mother's Day" and the same wish to you.

Anonymous said...

Of course fairies live in my garden.

I just moved from the forest where they were quite wild and populous, to the city, so I'm experiencing a bit of culture shock.

Myfanwy said...

Perfectly understandable Seeley,
It takes a while to aclimatize to the city.

FeyRhi said...

I know too and have proof. Do you remember the orange chalk incident after our hike when the girls were younger?

Myfanwy said...

Oh yes I me the shivers just thinking about it. You should tell the story. I am looking for those exellent pictures I have of Rockwood. I want to post them next but "of course" I can't lay my hands on them. Hmmmm