Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holy Toledo!

Now I wonder where that originated? Probably from Toledo Spain. Home of Toledo steel, and El Greco...........Ole
So tomorrow we leave for Toledo.....calm's in OHIO too. Yeah I know I would rather go to the "other" one too. But hey it has been forever since we have been anywhere so I will take a weekend in Toledo Ohio. Better than nuttin'. We are going with Gord and Dot. He is playing hockey and we will swim and relax and maybe go window shopping after all the dollar is up and bloody time too. My dear one will want to look at "electronics" I will be looking for wool shops......hehehe.
We are booked at what appears to be a very nice hotel...pool, spa,
microwave in the room..memo to self "take Orville Redinbocker". How much do you want to bet he packs more for 2 days than I? Speaking of which I better get my stuff together....TTFN


FeyRhi said...

I sat is 1.5 hours of traffic on the I75 Saturday afternoon going through Toledo on the way home. How was your drive? Any interetsting wool shops?

Myfanwy said...

The weather in Toledo this weekend was unbelievable!! I never had to wear a coat. I ate and ate it was terrific AND I found this wonderful wool shop called Fiberworks that had every kind of yarn you can think of.
Glad to hear you are home. Catch up later