Tuesday, October 02, 2007

First workout.......

Well, I survived...barely. I knew and had a certain sense of pride, albeit pathetic, in the knowledge that I am out of shape. But even I did not know to what depths I had sunk. OMG I can't do a thing. I thought I would blow a blood vessel just trying to back kick this plate with the ball of my foot. My legs shook, my knees hurt and who knew how hard it was to keep your back straight while you bend your knees. She says,"OK that's right back straight now squat!" What? "This is good as it gets," I said," as I balanced there knees slightly(and I mean slightly) bent." I was encouraged and inched along the program. What should have taken 30 minutes took me over an hour. In all fairness she was explaining everything to me too. So I had planned on going to night after work but it is Birthday dinner tonight for Carl. So I will go tomorrow after work. Oh and I have a hell of a time finding my frickin' pulse. The one trainer is a trifle sarcastic. She says,"Well you are standing here breathing so you obviously have one." If I hadn't have been so weak I would have bit her. Just wait till I get better. She is on my hit list!

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