Monday, October 22, 2007

Back to Normal

Had a wonderful weekend away but of course ate waaay to much . No wonder obesity is a national disease in the US. everyone goes out to eat for every meal. The portions are gi-nor-mouse and every thing tastes soooo good. I am on water and water skip even the bread for at least a day.
Found a wonderful wool shop. Very friendly and lots on sale. Unfortunately I had a car full of non knitters waiting for me so I felt a little pressured not to keep them waiting. If we go again next year I will just take a taxi. Mind you I managed to buy something anyway. It wasn't hard. The weather was heaven sent. Sun shine and no coats....perfect.
Got back to the computer to find reams of e mail from NaNoWriMo. I signed up for some forums. Yikes my in box is about as bloated as I am. Here it is 7am and I have to find something to wear to work. I just put all my warm weather clothes away too. Now it is supposed to be 24 C today. This just isn't right. Not for the last 10 days of October.
So 10 days huh? I have an idea but no plot for my NaNo. I have a couple of characters but only one name. I have no locale. I do have my pages of pictures to inspire me. Sounds pretty pathetic and out of that I am going to make 50,000 words...?

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