Monday, May 24, 2010

"The twenty-fourth of May, the Queen's birthday."
That is the song we would sing as we tore home from school on the Friday of the long week end. Heavenly taste of summer, the long weekend in May was treasured. My grandparents would come on the huge steam engine from Toronto. I grew up in Fort Erie and the train station was a busy place filled with noise, clouds of steam and the babble of passengers.

My wonderful grand father "Ernie" would depart the train first and then wait with the conductor, both extending their hands to my Grandmother, the ever immaculately quaffed and beaded lady, to assist her down the steps.

She would have pitched a fit if she knew I had posted the "cottage picture" of her, in a previous post. Hugs aside I would be anxious to get home because I knew what Ernie had in his valise. It was brown leather and had a shiney clasp and his intials,"E H C" in shiny gold metal letters. Inside would be fireworks, sparklers AND a "burning school house." Oh the bliss.

Here I am 55 + years later and spending my long weekend creating another book cover. This time for gothlet- grand daughter Tea's birthday.

....which is not fininshed yet. But hey the weekend isn't over yet. Finished pics will be over at Nantyglo Needles.

Tomorrow would have been my parents 64th Wedding Anniversary.

Point-au-Baril summer 1946 Oh Daddy, crazy

My Dad loved to tell everyone they were married on the 25th and I was born on the 31st. just to hear my mother leap to her own defence and say, "A year later."
He was a devil of a tease. After being married almost 50 years he would still introduce her as, "This is Ann, the woman I live with."

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Happyone :-) said...

Your father had a sense of humor!! :-)