Saturday, May 01, 2010

Oh Gawd.....

I specifically said to the hair "person", I do not want brown."

Three and a half hours and $$$ later I have a somewhat brown head with highlights.

We are not amused.

Let me retrace my foray into this foolishness.

I have been in a rut and I needed a pick me up. So I decided in a moment of weakness to colour my hair...again. I should have reread some of my old posts on this subject. Then on my way to the grocery store I decided against it. Then on the way home I decided to go ahead.

I went into the salon and said I wanted to talk to someone first. We had a consult with the stylist and the owner. I said I did not want it dark, I did not want it BROWN. I got both. So they added 90 gazillion foils to lighten it. It is still brown.......... sigh...... stupid Susan stupid.... this morning, I am going back, they are going to fix it at no charge.

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