Saturday, May 08, 2010

"And when the boats come in..."

If you are a first time visitor here you may not be aware of my "Private Disc Jockey." After years in radio Carl has a huge music base to choose from. He often picks a selection of music for us. My own radio station so to speak AND he gives the weather. No commercials
This morning he played Jane Morgan's hit
"With Open Arms." This is the album cover. It is a romantic song that we enjoy. If you go look it up on google videos you can have a listen.
So that made us wonder if she was still around. Well she is and still singing. If I look this good at 88...yes, I said "Eighty-Eight" I will have No complaints.
My cleaning diva was here today so everything looks wonderful, I made a big pot of potato leek soup. Yummy..... and I will finish up the laundry tonight.
Carl is working tomorrow I plan on watching "Young Victoria" and knitting the day away.
My first Mother's day with out one..sigh

Today is VE Day and as the daughter of Two Veterans I give thanks for the peace which occurred 65 years ago.

"A- plink- a- chunk"

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