Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Memories

No, I wasn't born in the dark ages. These pictures were taken at Point-au-Baril on Georgian Bay, in Ontario the summer of 1959.

My Great grandparents built the cottage, "Winnie Lone," on a 9 acre island about 2 miles from Point-au-Baril Station. We either rowed a boat or took the little motor boat to the station to pick up the mail or groceries. The cottage did not have electricity or running water. Trips to the station meant bringing back a big slab of ice for the ice chest. Nana made the most delicious peach pies on her mother's wood stove.

There was a screened in porch on two sides of the cottage. My bed was at one end. On hot summer nights I could watch the moon travel across the night sky through the screening.

We had a battery operated radio and a wind up gramophone.

Nana taught me to play canasta by the light of the kerosene lamps. The chimneys would get all sooty if the wick was too long. My job was to clean with them with newspaper the next morning.

The newspaper was, of course, the Toronto Star. My grand father worked in the mail room for 35 years.

As this birthday approaches I suddenly realize that I will be the same age as my Grandmother was in this picture. I now have grand daughters the age that I was when this picture was taken.
It is a blissful vivid memory. It truly was the best of times.

When you have little hands you have to use your teeth to hold the extra cards.


VRLodge said...

Summer memories with one's grandparents are so precious; I spend 2 weeks of every summer with my grandparents as well!


P.S. Teaghan looks like you in this picture =)

Lonely Rivers said...

What great memories and I love looking at old black/white photos! We used to play canasta for hours and hours. My daughter and her grandmother have a twenty five year tournament...that reopens every time they see each other!
It was a bit jarring the first time I looked in the mirror and saw my mother..and then my grandmother!