Sunday, May 02, 2010

It's dawn....

This is the best time of the day. The open window allows uninterrupted bird song to fill the room.Typing is accomplished by the glow of the screen as I really don't want to turn on a light yet. Dawn comes slowly today. It is brighter out there but the sun isn't up yet. The coffee has been made and I am sipping the aromatic brew from my "#$%* Off I'm knitting mug."

Yesterday the hair disaster was corrected and I am a blond and loving it. Carl is over the moon. Julia and I went shopping and I picked up some new duds for work and play. So I am feeling pretty good about myself. Weight is down again this morning.
I came across these pictures of Mom.

In 1994 Mom went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Dad wanted to go but he had a pathological fear of flying. He encouraged her to go anyway. Mom came home to find Dad sick. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and we lost him three months later. Mom never spoke very much about her trip after that. These pictures were found in a bag of papers. I also found a diary of sorts that Mom kept during her trip. My plan is to sort out her notes and then transcribe them into a booklet. I also found a certificate of sorts that states "Hannah Cottrell will hereafter be known as a Jerusalem Pilgrim."

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Abbeysmum said...

Hi Susan, I am happy to hear your hair is to your liking now, it really is the pits when you pay out your hard earned cash for someone to muck up your hair, even after you have discussed the matter !
I wasn't happy with the way mine always looked dried out , so I asked a friend who's hair I liked and she told me where she goes, I have been going there now about 6 months and they have my hair looking great, nice flattering colour with a few foils (5) and a good cut, good condition...very happy.