Sunday, March 21, 2010

Girl's Day Out

Thursday was a wonderful day off. Corinne gave me a tutorial on tapestry crochet. Pics of my mitts, well, at least one, will be forthcoming. Explanations were accompanied by Welsh Cakes and tea. A good time was had by all. Then we took a trip to Little Red Mitten. I had to show off "my" wool shop as Corinne had taken me to "hers" in Burlington, namely, Spun. Then we were off to the mall and Chapters with a stop off at Harvey's for some intestinal disruption...shudder, take my word for it Harvey's has gone down hill.
In between the crochet and the wool shop Carl stopped off at the house to grab a free coffee and a hug before he hit the highway. My youngest granddaughter swooned when she saw the Excursion Limo out front of the house. I made sure her feet were clean before we let her sit inside for the mandatory camera op.
Her sister was unimpressed and just wanted to get to the book store.


Happyone :-) said...

Sounds like a great day.

Abbeysmum said...

Just to let you know....I opened email from facebook support about refreshing my password and my whole computer got infected and took 2 hours to repair...very costly too.

Knitman said...

Last time I looked I am pretty sure I am not a girl but I would still have enjoyed joining you.

FeyRhi said...

Oh this picture is much nicer then the one the kidlet took when my mouth was full of Welsh cakes. LOL

As for Harvey's I think my digestive system is suffering from PTSD.

How are your gloves coming along? I should get a picture of mine on the knitting blog in the next day or two. I hope.

FeyRhi said...

Colin, I would have enjoyed your company as well.