Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mystic ...... on more than one level

The lift bridge at Mystic Connecticut. The horn sounds and all the traffic stops, everyone watches the bridge swing up and one lonely little sail boat, flags a flapping, saunters through, bridge goes down and traffic resumes and no one gets cranky at the wait. Lovely town.

Mystic Pizza, and no we didn't have pizza. Carl opted for a lobster instead, who would have guessed? I must watch that movie again.
The Whaler's Inn, who is that standing under that street sign? What is the name of that street?

This is the mystic part I referred to. That is my last name!!!! I popped into a toy shop on the corner and asked how they pronounced that street name. Wonder of wonders they even pronounced it correctly, Cot"trull" not Cut "trel" may be picky but there you go. It appears The Cottrells arrived in Mystic in 1666.

It didn't take long to find the Irish influence as well. I love the "drinking consultant" on the sign.

Very funny sign click on it to read.

Middle of the day and we were the only customers except for a "regular" who stopped by for a chat and told us about this.........

Brings a tear to me
Cottrell Brewing Company. Go ahead google it. My brother's will be impressed.


Karen said...

Great place to visit. I've been there a couple of times.

Corinne Davies said...

Did you know that one of my stories is based in Mystic. I hope I can see it in real life one day. Of course now I'll have to add that spacific street. *G*