Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Even the Angels are weeping.

Evil walks this earth in many guises. The little girl I posted about weeks ago is believed dead. The search is on now for her earthly remains. A man and a young woman have been charged with abduction and murder. I feel sick at heart. This has been 6 weeks of constant hope that she would be found alive. I have read that there are women who take a child to replace one they have lost and I wanted to believe this was closer to the truth. She was dead within hours of being abducted. ...sigh


FeyRhi said...

Another tragedy that scares the hell out of me. I'll be walking my girls to school until they are done.......University.

Since we don't have capital punishment in this country,(pity) make sure those two f^@*ers get put in general population in Kingston Pen.

Knitman said...

How truly agonizing for the parents of this child. I am glad you don't have CP, as we don't, as adding evil to evil does nothing but cause more. Vengeance just adds more.