Friday, May 08, 2009

Curse of the 21st Century

The Black Plague is nothing compared to the "Curse of the 21st Century". I refer of course to...Junk E Mails....
My business email has a junk filter which feels the need to send me a folder each morning so I can be sure the following are unsoliced e mails:
Here is a sample of the subjects, obviously translated from some other language:
-She wonXt need a magnifying glass anymore to find..... (hilarious)
-Spend your time with pleasure with golden watches,
-Now you will be able to satisfy any size-queen.
-Relighting Fantasies witth Mature Erotica
-raise your belove bed adventures
-If watering your tool doesnXt help it grow we kno.... (this is the funniest)

Sigh, I believe in free enterprise but pleeze who on earth would buy anything from this crap. I look upon this as my morning smile. It is so ridiculous.

Annoying but ridiculous. I had 56 of these this morning and these are the "G" rated ones.

(edit: oops I first posted this on the knitting side by mistake)

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