Thursday, May 07, 2009

May has finally arrived!

This seemed to happen overnight.
Last year I had about half a dozen scraggly blooms. My mother always said a lilac bush needs 7 years to bloom properly.

These guys are everywhere even in the grass.

Julia planted these black Iris last year and they came up overnight. The flash went off because I was under the spirea bush. They really are quite black. See the buds in the background?

Thurs morning at work. My office is already heady with the fragrance of lilacs. The men will be


happyone said...

Oh I love lilacs - they always remind me of my grandma - she had tons of them in her yard.
Thanks for the reminder.
Your desk looks so springy! :-)

Susan said...

They are beautiful, I agree. My mother has a jug that every spring was filled with white and purple lilacs. A memory from childhood that makes me nostalgic.


Just wondering if there is something I should do differently. I have a white lilac in its seventh year and it has never bloomed...and no sign of a single bud. I thought for sure this would be the year????

Susan said...

I called my mother to ask what she knew about white lilacs. She says she has one that never blooms the same 2 years in a row. They are "fussy." My sister in law came in just then and said hers blooms so massively she has to close the window the perfume is so intense. Sorry, we couldn't come up with a solution. it must be something lacking in the soil would be my best guess.
So nice of you to stop by.