Thursday, March 12, 2009

Heartburn ...Headache

I am on day two of a head ache. This is not something with which I usually have a problem. This is a caffeine deprived headache. Knowing that doesn't help. The obvious response is "get thyself to Timmies" relief in an instant and it is "roll up the rim" time. (Canadian rite of spring ritual) Which leads me to comment that all I ever win is "please try again. Instead I am popping Advil gels..good stuff.

Anyway, The cure is sometimes worse than the ill. I will attempt to elaborate. Back in Sept, remember when I made my middle of the night sirens blaring trip to University Hospital? Besides the nasty appendix I was told I have a hiatus hernia..a little one.. Well the bugger has been bothering me of late. I am taking an over the counter med which helps but I seem to be locked in this never ending acid reflux. Sooooo I have decided to take some drastic measures.

I have cut out coffee, tea, chocolate, tomato based foods and wine amongst other foods. I am back on my bland diet. If it's white I eat ... here's a sample: rice, mashed potato, vanilla pudding, apple sauce, raw apple, rice cakes, chicken broth, arrowroot cookies, vanilla ice cream, yogurt and gallons of mint tea. I am eating something about every 2 hours. I had to eat like this once before and did it for 4 months before my gall bladder surgery. I figure two weeks of this should setting my digestion down. Then I shall be more careful what I eat.

On the knitting front:

Matthew's sweater is progressing nicely, I am on the second sleeve and I am looking forward to getting on to the intarsia portion on the front.

I am just about to the end of clue 4 of 6 for my Vernal Equinox Shawl KAL. I fear I won't be done by the 20th..grrr

Julie ( Samurai Knitter) has inspired me to knit cotton lace!. I have felt a table cloth coming on. A doily would have been smarter but you know me .."in for a penny in for a pound." Last night after work I picked up the cotton and started knitting. You will have to go over here to see pictures. I will post them after work. It is Marianne Knizel's Daffodil Cloth. I started it once before with cheap cotton...shudder... I ended up throwing it out.


happyone said...

Sorry to hear you are having headaches and have to be on such a bland diet. Hope all is well soon.
The cotton lace table cloth sounds lovely.
I clicked on the two links but just got an address not found. I'll try again later.

Julie said...

Bummer about the headaches and tummy issues... the hubby has those problems, and the same issues.

I've knit the daffodil pattern. It's not hard, just takes time to work through. Good luck!

Susan said...

Are you sure it's not that ginger? :-). Hopefully it will work for you again as tummy problems really seem to upset the equilibrium.

AJ ~ said...

Susan, I certainly hope you will be feeling better soon. I can sympathize with having caffeine withdrawls. I have interstitial cystitis disease, and have to make alterations quite often when I go in and out of remission. Hang in there, and I hope to read an update soon that you are making progress. :)