Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There's a robin singing out side.

Quick post today. St Patrick was a Welshman, just wanted to get that out there in case you didn't know. He was a disciple of St David. Kidnapped to Ireland and kept as a slave. As is usually the case the real story is more interesting that the stories, go look it up.

No self respecting Irishman would ever drink green beer, shudder. Go flush it.

I watched a robin in the garden yesterday. He would hop along..stop.. stand very still, squat down, turn his head so one eye was directly above the ground.....and then suddenly turn his head and strike the ground with his beak and came up with a worm. It was fascinating. I had the window open last night and woke up while it was still dark to hear the robins singing in the trees. It reminded me of spring mornings in Rockwood....sigh....This is my desktop picture. I took this in early June. Love that place!!
> On the knitting front, according to my calculations I am at 94% on the Vernal Equinox Shawl. Pictures will be posted cross blog again. I will knit this one again. It is a peach of a pattern. Friday is the Vernal Equinox so I am knitting with, as they say, a "hot needle."

My Irish grandfather, "Ernie".... a real leprechaun ....

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happyone said...

Love that path picture - paths always make me want to walk down them. :-)
The first Robin is a sure sign of spring.