Thursday, December 04, 2008

There is a fly in the house!!

O.K. Heres the deal. A fly has magically appeared in the house. woman would arrive as big as a damn bird. I have swatters in every room. He eludes me..for now. What liar said flies only live for 24 hours??? OMG am I being invaded?
Have you ever noticed when you pick up a fly swatter the buggars disappear?
The geriatric cat is no help. She just lays there and watches him walk across the duvet. Naomi, the wonder cat, would have gobbled him up before he had a chance to think about landing. Now there was a cat! I digress as usual.
Anyway this "thing" rose from the dead like Nosferatu when I finally bashed it with the swatter. Made the hair rise on the back of my neck and sent me screaming like a girl down the hall. Men have no sympathy.
Did I say it buzzezz?? It does...*nodding my head*....
I am going to get the chemicals......

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happyone said...

Funny you should mention flies. I've had a couple of those in my house the last couple of days. I used to have a dog who would catch them in her mouth and then spit them out once she tasted them.