Thursday, December 18, 2008

HoHoHo did I say I knit?

O.K. I have 10 mittens down and 2 to go. sigh...All that kool aid dyed yarn had to be knit up.

The 2 mitts left are different... They must be finished. Go to HERE to see where the knitting lives.
Who says I am not an optimist.? I went to the hair dresser's (hear "weeping and wailing") I HATE going to the hair dresser. It takes so long to get through to them what you want or circumvent what they WANT to do. I think we made it this time. I stuck to my guns and insisted she do what I wanted. I even took pictures with me this time.....I want to look well groomed ...I do not want to look like Katie Holmes either. Anyway I think this is going to work. It is short in the back but Mexico happens in 3 weeks ( this Saturday) who's counting??....

I have two gifts to buy for Christmas. One is easy the other hard....I love a challenge. If I shop to early I end up buying too I get carried did I mention the 6 pairs of mitts knit from hand dyed yarn...sigh...that's 12 hands!

I found this incredible "Guy" hat. I will knit it longer so there is a band over the ears. Go HERE to get the pattern. Himself needs a hat when he uses the snow blower else he will end up with frostbite upon his dome...

Speaking of.....My dear life partner needs some suggestions. It's not Christmas Eve and he doesn't read the blog so I have to make him a list.
Although it kills me to admit it AND it countermands the rule " NEVER buy a woman a gift with a plug on it" I really need a new hair dryer and I love butane curling irons....and nice smelly stuff and dusting powder and a trip to the spa...what is his problem? I am easy to buy for!
Mommy sent me a cheque for Christmas. I am going to use it to buy a bathing suit. I might as well just rip out my finger nails now and you thought I whinned about hairdressers....HA.


happyone said...

I like your mittens. Two more to go - I'm sure you will finish in time. :-)

Good luck bathing suit shopping! I can't think of anyone who likes to do that!!

FeyRhi said...

After recieving the 'hand-held wet/dry vac' for christmas one year. My hubby now recieves lists to choose from and is not allowed to divert from said list under dire penelties.

Just make a nice long list and give him lots of choices so that there still is an element of surprise to it. My list consisted of "a gift certif to Spun" every other line. I'm hoping he gets the hint.

Susan said...

Mittens are progressing, one to go and my christmas knitting is finished.
On the "man" shopping I will see you with a "Birthday" floor fan and raise you a "Christmas" microwave pot....I can laugh now