Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thomas Pump Organ

My brother bought this pump organ in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. It was manufactured in Woodstock Ontario.

I bought it from him in about 1994. There is some minor damage to one foot and the pedal on the right needs to be attached to the webbing. All the ivories and the stops are intact and the wood is in very good condition. At present it is sitting in my garage and I would dearly like to find it a good home.

This organ has a "Once upon a time" feel to it. I can sit in front of it and stroke the keys, with my eyes tightly closed, and envision the original owner playing a piece of music. Her corset does not allow her to sit anyway other than erect at the key board. Lifting her skirts free of her shoes she pedals quickley to fill the bellows. Her hands, fingers curled, hover over the keyboard. She gently carresses the keys and the sweet sound fills the room.

This organ has a sweet tremulous sound that deserves to be heard again.

Who will want to own this beautiful piece of Canadian history? Talk to me.

Right foot
Side view
Carved Panel
Keyboard closed
Music rest

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