Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

This was the best Mother's day ever! Michael and Arlene came for the afternoon and cooked a meal. Michael had been out hunting and half this "terki" breast fed the four of us. Talk about free range..........

Turkeys are really modern Velociraptors, so sayeth my son.....soooo... He had removed the "spurs" when the bird was cleaned and polished them. So after lunch I made my Grandaughters each a necklace. I used some of my favourite carved Jade beads.

Then we had yummy ice cream cake. I even shared!

I talked to both of my daughters...3 out of 4 children ..not bad....and I talked with my Mother...

As I said I really wonderful day..sigh


Phil said...

Today, I set out on an Internet adventure. My quest was to find a ring. A ring as might a giant wear. A ring forged in the heat of fire that once poured from Cadr Idris. A ring that if used will hold back the pressures of a dragon's steam...A rubber ring for my Prestige Pressure cooker circa 1960.
I was lured to your blog and there I sat, intermittantly laughing and struggling with the melancholia that all the Cymru proudly suffer.
Thanks for your thoughts and spirit. They made my day.

Myfanwy said...

Ahhh! I know the ring well...good luck on your quest.
Your silver tongue gives you away there boy-o..lolol
come again and I'll put the kettle on.