Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pet Peeves

Ok people I can not stand it any longer.

1. Left turning lane. When the light turns green get into the intersection for the love of god!. We all know you want to turn left because you are sitting in the left turning lane, your signal may or may not signify that. Move forward so the back wheels are over the white line...This is enough to drive me to road rage!. If you are into the middle of the intersection you may make a proper turn into the LEFT lane. This diagonal dash, when the light has turned red, into the right lane going west makes me wild. Take a driving course pleeze!....OK I feel marginally better.

Next and this one really pisses me off:

The countries are "i-taly", "i-ran" and "i-raq" . You know "i" like "it."
Not for the sweet love of god, eye-ran and eyerac !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you don't say eye-taly do you?..hmm maybe you do, I even hear some of you uneducated peons say eye -talians. I almost chocked on my coffee the other night when I heard a news presenter make this gaff.
I accede to the wisdom of Christiane Amanpour who tried vainly, I might add, to educate a news commentator on one of the major US stations. Lets face it if anyone knows how to properly pronounce a country it would be this intelligent woman who has spent the majority of her career covering the news in the middle east.
Our names are our identity and I personally feel that if you can not take the time to properly pronouce a persons name or country it is just another indication of how little chance we have of ever opening the doors to real communication, in this case, with the east. It is called respect now smarten up!
There..... nothing like a little vent to clear the mind!

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