Thursday, May 08, 2008

I have a weakness.......................

Firstly, I have a weakness for lace weight wool. Droll over this mes amis. This is what I treated my stash to when I went to the Creative Show. I have no idea what I am going to knit out of it. But I have lots of yardage....
I had this on order from MLYS before the show. Yup lace weight...again I know what I am knitting out of this one. (at least that is an improvement)

O.K. O.K. I know I blew the budget on this sock yarn BUT at least I know what I am going to make out of it..have already knit one Henley out of sock yarn and I really like it. It was a free pattern that came out in 2003-4 for "Mexiko." I think that is what it was called, it was the first sock yarn that had a stripe/fair isle pattern embedded in the yarn. I knit the first one out of Regia. I knit my mother a pair of socks out of this yarn and it had a .really nice "hand" to it when finished
I can't resist something new. This is the new sock yarn. Bamboo WOW. My mother has very narrow feet and most socks are too loose for her feet. So I am knitting her more "custom "socks.
Carl says these look like "clown" socks. I thought the yarn looked "springy."
Mom can wear them to bed....lolol
Progress on Mom's Birthday gift. The cotton and acrylic yarn I bought at Creative was knitting up far to heavy for this project.....(all will be revealed...when completed.) The colour was perfect but I forgot just how heavy cotton yarn can be. Of to MLYS where I found this..... Cascade Yarns, Peruvian Highland Wool, The Heathers. Beautiful to knit with and far more suitable for this project. She will be thrilled. I got one sleeve out of one hank. This weekend I have to get the other sleeve finished!!!!!!

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