Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am the Neighbourhood Entertainment!

I can not mow grass in nice straight lines. You can imagine what happens when I use a snow blower.
I got the garage door up and rolled out the snow blower into the snow storm. The theory is if you use it before the drive is up to the door handles in snow and it will be easier.... ya right.
This was my second foray into using the snowblower. I have learned several things:
: don't bother cleaning off the car until after you have cleared a path to move said car.
: stay upwind...frig I looked like a snowman
: when cleaning the front walk turn the ejector thingy AWAY from the front window. The living room feels like an igloo now.
: when leaves and bits of grass come shooting out you have missed the sidewalk
: and the most important thing.......
Shut the garage door!
The man next door was blowing out his drive and almost peeing himself every time he looked in my direction. Carl rolled up to the front door on his computer chair to watch for a while and wisely retreated back behind the front door..

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J. said...

Glad to hear I am not the only one with snowblower fears. ;-)
Thanks for the comments!