Monday, December 03, 2007

Oh Joy Oh Bliss It's Monday Morning.....

We are having our first real snow squall of the season today. Which means I spun out in the intersection. At least I know my circulation is good. The blood pounded behind my eyes and my heart jumped up and shook hands with my epiglotis. That was when I was on my way back to the house after taking Carl to the hospital. In the fuss getting him to the car I forgot my purse and the laptop.

He came in last night around 12:30 am after driving for 12 hours. He had slipped on the ice in the parking lot and tried to stand on the bridge of his foot. Not what nature intended. He woke me up moaning in the hall. We put ice on it and he had a beer and some advil (lolol) and he went to sleep. This morning his foot is blown up and he can't bear weight at all. I think he may have broken one of those little bones. So he is at emerg and I am waiting for a call to go pick him up. Even if it isn't broken it is his right foot so it looks like he won't be able to drive for a while.

I will keep you posted.

Last night I finished the front of a beaded evening bag. New pattern design of my own creation. Ta dah! I shall post a picture when it is finished.

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