Friday, December 14, 2007


Surgery is over and its back into the plaster cast for now. Poor guy, at least we are on the mend now.

I talked with my girl friend the other night and she has a coined a new least new to me.."Chateau de Cardboard"....That would be 4 litres of the finest white wine in a recyclable container....I can hear my daughter

I have finally started my Christmas shopping. I have discovered that you can do all your "window" shopping on line and then spend 10 minutes in the store. Just like going to Chapters with the ISBN number, anything to avoid the crowds. I'll save my browsing in the book store for the summer.

I have the politest grand daughters. Congratulations to their parents.

I will be glad when Christmas is over. I find this a poignant time of year. The little girl in me wants the magic that is gone..Christmas Eve, before he went to bed my father used to rub ballons on his head and then stick them on the ceiling. Christmas morning they would start to flutter down on our heads while we were unwrapping our presents.... Sigh.. How did I get so old?

My Nana would have been 109 years old today! I can remember when I wasn't much older than my grand daughters are now and I was in Toronto. We were going out to dinner and my Nana was getting ready. Ernie (my grand father...another story) and I were sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting, as she kept walking past us back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom. She was wearing a tailored navy suit, 3 strings of pink beads, high heel shoes, stockings with seams (straight too), and an aura of Evyan's "White Shoulders" swirled behind her as she clicked past. My grand father was watching her and I remember his voice to this day. He said, "Your grand mother is a beautiful woman." I looked at him and thought he was nuts. Just the day before I had heard her say that she was 63 yrs old! I mean really! Sophia Loren or Elizabeth Taylor were considered the beautiful women of the 60's. How fantastic that my grand father knew she was beautiful too......OK *wiping a tear*... Christmas does this to me.........

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