Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not for the squeamish.........

Went to the doctor today for a follow up. It is as bad as it looks. Take my word for it.
When it happened it hurt dreadfully, the sight of it now is justification for the pain. It is so swollen my toes tingle. I can't put weight on it yet the sole of my foot is swollen as well. The black mark is the location of my femoral pulse. They used a magic marker that won't wash off. My wrists are sore and my armpits are too from using the crutches.
I just wrapped it again because is continues to swell without the bandage.
edit: Saw the Dr. it is a level 2-3 sprain.


Arlene said...

Remember that happened to me a few summers ago when I stepped in a pot-hole? you need to keep that sucker elevated ABOVE your heart in order for the swelling to go down!!! And, not just after work...most of the day if possible. Work on a laptop in a reclining position.

Julie said...

If you haven't already, try wrapping the hand grips and shoulder supports of your crutches in washcloths and taping them with medical adhesive tape. Even if they're already padded, it will help.

Hugs. Hope it starts mending soon.

Susan said...

Thanks everyone. I am taking all suggestions here. We leave for Mexico in a week and it doesn't look as if I will be as mobile as I had hoped. The Dr. did a lot of tsk tsk tsking last night.
Crutches are padded I just have no upper body strength, never did, so I tire easily.

Happyone :-) said...

Oh you poor thing. That looks so painful.
Hope it doesn't take too long to get the use of your foot back again.

Knitman said...

Want some of my morphine? poor you!