Sunday, August 02, 2009

The truth be told.....

Just to go on record. I am not going to wear purple clothes and red hats anytime soon. However I am exceedingly tired of the shallow society in which I live. I am 62 years old and blessed with good health. My idea of exercise is to read a heavy book. My hair is greying (strike that) silvering. I like it that way. I knit, not because I am old because I am damn good at it and I derive a great deal of enjoyment out of the process. I resent societies expectation of "youthful loveliness" that I constantly hear on the commercials. I have earned everyone of these wrinkles. Advertisers would do well to remember who has the money. I decry rudeness and poor service. For this I would be called a Grumpy Old Woman.
Deal with it. I plan on being around for a long

The following humorous list was copied from a BBC website. Read between the lines. If you get it you belong to the sisterhood.

How to find out whether you or someone you know is a Grumpy Old Woman

The unmistakable signs
Shop assistants cower in fear when you return shoddy goods.
You are the litter police
You like a slip-on shoe – saves all that bending
If you wore a thong you might look like a Sumo wrestler
You start collecting used margarine pots and plastic bags
You start to enjoy pottering

Things That Grumpy Old Women Say
It's a bloody disgrace
I want to talk to the manager
Spending a penny
Is it me or is it hot in here?
I could murder a nice cup of tea
I can remember those flared trousers first time around


Knitman said...

Well I am wearing purple and pink and orange and green and red and royal blue.....amongst others.
Like you I think the face you have you earned and I hate those 'because your worth it' ads. Ickety ick. Patronising baskets!!

Susan said...

Colin you wear colours with class! This comment was in reference to a poem, "when I am old I will wear purple" some title like that anyway. There are some woman who deliberately choose to wear clashing colours and use their age as the excuse. Over my dead body.;)