Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have packed for every contingency. Hot, warm, chilly and cold weather. I can layer up or down as the need arises. I put my knitting packing in the car last night. It is just easier than having to explain why I need another tote bag. That reminds me "add the addis" just in case I find the wool I want for Michael's vest. I might like to swatch. I keep my addi's in a Crown Royal bag. All good things should be kept together.

I washed my red jacket. My favourite red jacket. The one I won't be wearing any more. Crap. I am waiting for the mall to open. When I was in Tabi I saw a smart red jacket lined with leopard silk it had my name on it but I rationalized I had a red jacket so didn't purchase it. Seemed like overkill at the time. Now I am waiting for the mall to open. I have to go to the bank anyway.

Carl was driving last night and didn't get home until 12:30 he is still sleeping. Poor guy and he thought we would drive 8 hours today. See here is the problem. I can drive BUT do you know what it is like to drive with a professional?

"You should have put on your turn signal before this."

"You should have started to brake before now"

"You could have passed that car before"

The deal is: he sleeps = I drive = he's awake = forget it
......If I get internet access I'll post from Connecticut!

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