Monday, August 17, 2009

Holiday countdown

Last week was crazy busy. How did we all manage before air conditioning? If you are under the impression it does not get hot in southern Ontario think again. We have had a humidex of up to 43 degrees Celsius ( It is so humid that is how hot it "feels" like "wind chill" but in reverse. Yesterday it was it was 31C or 92F before the humidex. There will be messages on the office pager this morning!
Nephew Matt, of the skull sweater fame, was at me mudder's visiting his Granny. So, Tuesday after work Son #2 here in London and Son #1 from "the Bruce" (over 2 hours away) and I dashed up to see him. (1.30 hr) and found my brother and his wife there also!!! Tore ourselves away 2 hours later to drive back to London . Michael crashed on the couch and went home the next day
A week ago, on a Sunday evening, I got a call from "Blood Services," the old Red Cross, asking if I would come in a spare a pint. My blood type is found in 8% of the population so there aren't many of us when the need arises. Did that on Tuesday after work. They have good cookies.

Carl had given me coin of the realm, for my birthday, to spend on a trip to a Spa and I had finally booked my appointment for Thursday after work. Three and a half hours later, I drove home under the influence of a manicure, pedicure and facial. I am sure there is something illegal there. It was divine and I got every penny's worth of his money.

I had planned on going to a fund raiser for breast cancer research at an Alpaca Farm on Sat but didn't make it. I crashed on the lounge chair and knit on the shawl for Jacki. Two more weeks and we will be heading, passports firmly grasped in hand, to Connecticut.
Last night we watched a "one hankie" movie. If it wasn't for the humour it would be a "two-er" for sure. I laughed I cried...sigh..didn't get any knitting done for blowing my
Nothing I like more than a good love story with action, hysterical funny bits and a happy ending. Recipe for a perfect movie, too bad Hollywood wouldn't stick with this formula. If you are looking for gratuitous sex, violence and filthy language then pass, you won't like it. Carl watched it just because Audrey Hepburn is in it.

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Knitman said...

Yes, I like those type of films too. What my John calls 'girly films'. I wa sin your neck of the woods in April 97 and it was more like 30 below. Certainly the coldest I have ever felt. I was driving down rte 7 from Ottawa and I saw a sign for a Chinese Takeaway and I thought I was hallucinating but sure enough, I came to it and I ate there. Alt least everywhere looked gorgeous, covered in snow.