Monday, August 31, 2009

In Connecticut

No pictures yet but the view from this window in breath taking. Jackie & Paul live in a beautiful house on a ridge nestled amongst 23 acres of woodland in historic Connecticut. From this desk I can see the Connecticut River meandering it's way to Long Island Sound. Yesterday we laughed and cried ourselves into exhaustion. Carl says we are "two birds of a feather." We went to the Fish Place for supper last night and then to Lyme for homemade Ice Cream.
This morning Paul is charged with making breakfast and I am being totally spoiled.
The measure of a friend is that after almost 30 years we are able to resume our connection. I am blessed to have this time with her. The weight of stress has left me already. Today we may just "veg out." Tomorrow Jackie has a class scheduled that she is teaching and I am to go with her. She credits me with her success in the Ballet world because I encouraged (pushed, cajoled...etc) her to start her first school. Who knew she would become one of 7 qualified examiners in the Cecchetti USA Classical Ballet.

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Anonymous said...

Conneticut is so are not far from where I was at the beginning or August. I stayed at "the Captain Stannard House" in Westbrook and our classes were in Centerbrook. Have a great time outlet shopping!