Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wishing and hoping and thinking....

If you are old enough you will recognize the title as words to a Bert Barack song from my youth.

Which just about sums up what I have been thinking lately. Dreams unconsummated give us hope. A friend of mine once said that I was afraid to do "something", I forget what now, because I was afraid I would fail. Of course I was afraid of failing who doesn't? Years later, these words went around in my head the night I sat up thinking about whether to open the wool shop. No one embarks on a journey with the expectation of failure. At least that's what I convinced myself at around 3 am. So, I opened the store. It was not to be and seven years later I closed in ignominious failure. That was five years ago and yes, it still smarts like a hang nail.

Unfortunately, that has affected my ability to act on another dream. Dreams are like secrets. We hold them tightly, we are selective about who we share them with and we savour their unlimited possibilities. Do I really WANT to know whether it's possible? That is the question. Will I be happier dreaming? Probably, maybe.....damn I just don't know. If I decide to act I don't know where to start. That means I would have to share my dream with another being...hmmmm

The picture has nothing to do with said dream. I just like it.


Knitman said...

That is a photograph of my dream home.
I know how you feel re the wool shop. My dream too. I had my own knitting for money business which has gone kaput. And not just cos I can't now. People lost all idea of quality.

Susan said...

Colin:Should I ever win the lottery that cottage is at the top of my "must have" list.
There are days when I miss the Shop and the customer/friends I made. Unfortunately there wasn't enough of them....sigh

FeyRhi said...

Wouldn't you rather be able to look back and say that at least you tried? What if you succeed?
Take a page from your granddaughter.

Today was her last competition for the year. She work up this morning with a fever, headache, and throwing-up. She started crying when we said she couldn't go to the competition. After napping all morning and taking some tylenol, we decided to let her go. She was green, she was gray, she smiled when the judges were looking and then looked like she was going to hurl when they weren't.

She won Gold on Vault. Silver on Beam, Bronze on Floor, 7th on Bars and rounded it all off with a Gold for Over-All.

And I almost made her stay home today.

happyone said...

I think it's better to try and fail then to never try at all. At least you won't live to regret ever trying.
Have a dream - go ahead and try again. :-)