Monday, June 08, 2009

I thought I liked Monday...what happened?

Success! My push yesterday worked. Last night I knit the last stitch on the tablecloth with a loud "Hurrah."
All I have to do now is to spend a leisurely evening crocheting up the live stitches.
Break out a glass of vino!
Busy Monday at work. Discovered I ordered the wrong equipment for Wednesday...sigh...and it will be delivered promptly tomorrow morning at 8am ( I am too efficient).... By the time I discovered my mistake (4pm) it was too late to change it (cut off at 2pm). Now I had to put in another order for Wednesday's equipment and it will arrive Wednesday morning at 8am. hoo me... So I will be rushed to complete the paper work for Wednesday and then I will have this great hunking 2.5 ton air conditioner sitting there mocking me. I had to offer to pay for the extra shipping..(weeping and gnashing teeth now) mistake....the boss is laughing at me.
I am beginning to worry that I am getting to old to work... My brain just doesn't work the way it used to. Now I am concerned about "early onset Alzheimer's." My personal "efficiency rating" is in the toilet. Mistakes are one thing but I do not wish to make a career out of them.

What do I do all day???? Well, let me see, I handle ALL the payable, receivables and payroll, the mail, answer the phones, book sales calls, service calls and answer trivial questions and trouble shoot complaints from frantic people who can't get their air conditioner/furnace to turn on or off and do verbal sales quotes..... all long. I order a lot of equipment..correctly, most of the time.. and track inventory. I file rebates, warranty registrations, and financing ,when needed, online. I also "vet" the bosses calls. You would not believe the number of charity calls we get every day and pushy sales men. I eat my lunch with one hand and type with the other. I do not take a structured lunch or tea break. I grab it when I can.

I am feeling a little better. What's one little boo boo in the face of all that? I do a lot.

Today it rained
and the ceiling in Shawn's office began to leak. Then it began to leak in the show room. I called the building super, he called the landlady, she called the roofer. I have every bucket, wastepaper basket and pail lined up catching the drips. My office is dry. All that dripping, splotching, dropping.. all day had me dashing to the loo. The roofer can't do anything till tomorrow if it rains tonight we are buggered.

Carl is working tonight..ahem.. every evening this week. "The Daughters of the Nile" (female counterparts of the Shriner's) are in town for a convention. All two thousand five hundred of them. He is one of a fleet driving them around town. They think he is charming. He has such a gallant way with us old broads....lololol
I bought him a new white shirt and black tie for the occasion. If he knew what I paid for that shirt he would have a conniption fit. It is beautiful fabric and the seams are all flat felled. I do appreciate good construction in a garment. The ladies are from all over Canada and the US. He chauffeured the "Queen" in from the airport. He has been complimented on his appearance. Your welcome.

Tonight I am making myself a little spaghetti bolognese....and I am over cooking the pasta. I like it that way. Apologies to Luigi.

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Knitman said...

We all make mistakes if we are human. You deserve a more structured break. So there!