Wednesday, January 07, 2009

To see beyond what we see......

X-ray photography who would have "thunk" it? I bought a calendar for my office that features Steven Meyer's work. January is Freesias, I am facinated by it. The photo above, "Foxglove," makes me think of a group of nuns hurrying to mass and whispering amoung themselves. Go visit his web site ..better yet buy some of his work.

I am busy getting ready to go on my fantastic holiday. Oh joy oh bliss.

I see by the weather dude that there is snow in the offing over the next four days. I am ordering a moratorium on snow at the Toronto Airport for this weekend! The God Lord would not be that cruel to snow me in.

I bought a new bathing suit. Not quite the "stab myself with a fork" experience I expected. Still, not exactly thrilling either. Thank heavens I had daughter #1 with me.

My sweet man asked if I was going to take any knitting.....what a babe. The question should have been how much knitting was I going to take. (Reminder to self: Check Air Canada for restrictions on short pointy bamboo needles) Socks ARE on the agenda.

Books, gotta have books.

So far I have "The Friday Night Knitting Club" ( Christmas present from thoughtful daughter in law) and "Can You Ever Forgive Me," story of a literary forger. ( Yes, I read non fiction too) Oh and book 2 of "Kiss of Fire," a little steamy fantasy romance.
Will three be enough?....Hmmmm


AJ ~ said...

You didn't tell us where you were taking your holiday....or did you and I missed it? Some place warm perhaps? Enjoy and safe travels.

Susan said...

Thank you for the kind wishes, this is the all expense paid trip from my employer to the Aventura Spa Resort, Cancun Mexico.
*jumping up and down with excitement*

Van said...

I love that x-ray shot. Enjoy your trip!

Susan said...

Thanks Van, I really enjoy your blog. Great photos and insightful words.