Saturday, January 17, 2009

Air Canada 1255 Cancun to Toronto

Hola readers, we have returned from the sunny....strike that.....beautiful place with no snow. There that works. It rained and rained and was overcast every day but one.
I did not cook or clean, or answer a phone, or listen to complaints or stroke any egos. It was wonderful. I walked and napped and bubbled in the in room Jacuzzi. I drank pina coladas and ate crisp fresh fruit. I read and swam and napped somemore. I was catered to and loved every minute of it. Carl and I hated to leave. It was over so fast.
Even the rain was pretty, the flowers were so beautiful.
We were on the top ( third) floor. View from the balcony of part of the Zen Labyrinth. The birds were wonderful. I haven't seen orioles since I was a child. Lots of green vegetation, a sight for sore eyes.
One of the many gardeners working all the time to maintain the perfect atmosphere. We watched a man walking around one morning picking up the odd leaf or twig and putting it into a bag. Everything was imaculate.
Partly cloudy at Tulum, the breeze was warm the sights awe inspiring. I have spent the day uploading pictures on facebook and relaxing. Yesterday we were 12 hours getting home. What with check in times, layovers AND Air Canada lost Carl's suitcase. The only piece of luggage to go a miss and it had to be his. Did you know that the Lost Luggage Central is in INDIA???? God only knows where his bag went.
We arrived home safely ( Jesus Mary & Joseph it is cold here) and for that I am thankful. I am glad I had not heard about the plane in the Hudson or the other plane that blew out 4 tires on landing. I am a whoosey on landings any way. I have to clamp my eyes shut brace my foot angainst the seat in front of me and almost cut the circulation off on Carl's arm waiting for the wheels to hit the tarmack. Then I am
When does the dining room serve dinner? Where is the maid? Oh crap..reality bites


AJ ~ said...

Welcome home, Susan! It sounds like you had an absolutely lovely time. And the pic of you in the gorgeous dress is very striking. Thanks for sharing. :)

FeyRhi said...

Despite the hiding sun, it still soudn like you had a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to hearing some more stories.