Friday, January 09, 2009

Hasta luego *see you later*

I know it's actually an Aztec calendar and I am going to be in Mayan territory but it caught your attention didn't it?

I have not nearly packed. I did buy another book (The Thirteenth Tale)..sigh..that makes 4 ..yikes ...there will not be enough room in my suitcase. I was so determined to travel "light" this time. Will wool for 2 pairs of socks be enough?? Not that I expect to knit 4 feet but I always knit the right sock first. Go figure that out.

I have double checked and my bamboo needles are legal on Air Canada. As long as none of my carry on bottles of creams, gels, liquids and such do not indiviually exceed 100 ml and all bottles will fit in one one-litre zip lock bag I am laughing. I seriously doubt that I will have room in my suitcase for that "stuff."

My to do list:

-Cash my paycheck and pick up some "Yanky dollars" to go shoppping. I want some lapis lazuli...

-go to the drugstore I need some after sun for the burn I know I will get. I already spent a fortune on the aforementioned 100ml bottles of "stuff"

-stay away from the bookstore.....

Last night I cleaned out the fridge. Today was garbage day......good thing.

CBC ( Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio is compiling a list of Canadian music for the new VP Obama so he can get a "feel" for Canadians. It has been wonderful. Everything from "The Logdrivers Waltz" to Classical. They will ultimately choose 48 I am going to buy the CD when it's ready.

Now, for those of your who do not know the Logdriver's Waltz here you go.. Classic National Film Board of Canada animation.

O.K. I have to go make another list


FeyRhi said...

wow, that brought back memories. I still know all the words to this song and it has to be at least 15 years since the last time I heard it. I think TVO used to play it a lot when I was a kid?

Susan said...

Yes you used to watch it on TVO. You all used to run to the front of the TV when it started and bounce up and down singing....brings back memories for me too...How the hell did you get so old.