Sunday, August 19, 2007

My rut has been sooooo deep.

It is time to drag myself out of this rut I am in. An unfortunate series of events lately have driven me pretty far into the morass of self pity. It is amazing really because it all came about because I finally stood up for myself and SLAP down I went. It is a long story but I have been very upset that a person I respected and appreciated turned on me so viscously.
This was the third episode of "let's snap at Susan" this summer. Thank God that's over. Regardless of what anyone says these things so come in three's so it's best to get it over with.
Now the summer is almost over and all the things I intended to do didn't get done.
Carl even commented that I haven't been working on any of my projects. Subtle way of saying, "How's my sweater coming on?" *rueful smile.
Therefore, effective this weekend I am on my way back up. Years ago I read an inspirational allegory called "Hinds Feet On High Places". It is around here somewhere. Jackie, my oldest friend, whom I haven't seen in about 10 years, mailed it back to me after having it on her book shelf for about 15 yrs..lolol I think I need to read it again!
November is Nanowrimo and after giving Corinne the "gears' about not finishing last year, I had better have myself motivated. Last year I had a picture of a Pompeian Ivory doll for my inspiration. I have a germ of an idea for this year. I don't want to dwell on it too much because then I will loose the spontaneity.
I read 5 books this summer. "Latest Harry Potter"...of course very predictable but fun, "The Last Supper" by Javier Sierra.....interesting, "The Crimson Petal and The White" by Michel Faber...I enjoyed this story right up to the end when the author ran out of ideas and just ended it abruptly. Pissed me off big time!, "The Time Traveller's Wife "by Audrey Niffenegger.....finally just gave up on this it was very aggravating and "Observations" by Jane Harris.. .... most enjoyable.
O.K. That's all for now....

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