Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Should Have Stood Outside!

So here is the thing. I should have stood outside and had Kelly at Needles and Pins just toss the yarn out the door. Sigh....I really have a "fibre addiction."

I battled the traffic after work yesterday and dashed over to the shop. Traffic on Oxford at Richmond around 4 pm is a white knuckle ride...howsomeever...I made it ( was there ever any doubt?) I have now added 2 more colours to the vest for Michael. I decided I needed a blue grey, the variegated is knitting up very brownish. Then I saw a medium teal the same tone as the rose brown..soooooooooooo I bought 'em too. OoHH and then there was this really neat orphan ball of browns and golds ON SALE. Yup, got that too. It is for the stash. I have been collecting off whites for a sweater but it was looking a little boring. It needed some punch. Punch the wallet more like! There goes my spending money for next week. I did get the one skein of variegated that I went for plus plus. I just love colour!
This is my all time favourite Fair Isle Book. Corinne bought me this for Christmas in 1989. When I was sorting out my library of knitting books to pass on the Julia this one was on the top of my "keep" list.

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