Monday, August 27, 2007

I Succumbed !

Ten days into the climb back up to the top of life's pile and I feel wonderful. I did succumb however. It was this way.....I went to Needles and Pins, my local wool shop , to say Happy Birthday and have a little "touchy-feely-sniff the yarn" visit. Other yarn aficionados will understand the procedure. Then my eye happened upon some Koigu. Softly variegated in shades of beige, cream, taupe...sigh.(The picture is a little dark) Oh, Oh, then some charcoal black with shades with in the shades. My mind starts to churn. I see fair isle designs. I find some honey beige, an off white, a warm rose brown, now I am in trouble. "Happy Birthday to us," says Ellen....10% off today! damn I am sunk. Now, another dilemma, how much to buy? The wonderful thing about Koigu is the originality of the yarn. The scary part is that once that shade is gone it is gone. I bought 4 black, 2 of the variegated, 2 honey, 1 ivory and 1 rose brown. Now I am starting to worry. There was one of the variegated left. I want to use it in the rib with the black so I think I will call Ellen right now and tell her to put that aside for me with another black. This is for a vest for Michael for Christmas. I will only use the rose brown sparingly just to warm it up. I think it will be gorgeous when it is done.
OOps she is closed on Monday. I will send her an email.

I am going to knit up a swatch of the pattern so I can "check the gauge." When it's done I will post a picture here.

By the By I am furiously knitting on the Silky Wool indigo cardi for Carl. The back and sleeves are done and I am almost ready to start the decreasing for the v neck and the the sleeve decrease. I designed a cable inset for the front. I think it looks smashing! His Birthday is October 2 I would really like to have it finished before then.

Other than that things are going very well. I am exercising every day, eating a well balanced diet and sleeping right through the night.

One more thing... I got frugal ( After all I blew the budget on the yarn) and decided to take care of my "roots" my self. Weeelll, I look a little like Jayne Mansfield minus the boobs and the legs.

Could be worse....giggle


FeyRhi said...

Jayne Mansfield? You went white blond?? Well that would be an interesting look, especially since I know what your real colour is. *BG* I was looking through an old photo album the other day (the ones with Valens pictures in it) And I realized that you are younger in those pictures then I am now. In fact I was younger then my oldest daughter. It was a difficult moment.

I LOVE the sound of that wool, describing the touchy feely part got to me and made me want to dive face first into my stash. LOL I'm sure Michael will love it.


Myfanwy said...

I have a picture of Gran and Grampy on my wall. I am older now than Gran was in that picture, believe me I know how you feel. 'Cept it is scarier when your daughter says it!!
Found more Koigu in my stash and thought I would add it but it is too yellowish. Speaking of which...almost white blond..oops