Sunday, February 05, 2012

Superbowl - NOT - Sunday

Can't possibly think of offending any football jocks out there with that title. Actually I can't imagine any of them reading this blog anyway.
Two weeks today and we are off on a weeks holiday in Los Cabos, Mexico.

In light of the recent goings on, we will not be going off resort at all and I will not ride unaccompanied in an elevator.
The grand babies are thriving. Enily is almost three months and Logan will be one in March. My this year seems to have flown by.
Emily Grace
We are contemplating a move to a  more compact location. This place is too big and what with the lawns, front and back and snow removal (which fortunately has not been a major problem this year) it is time to pack up and move out. Where, we haven't figured that part out yet, wait till we get back from Mexico.
Over the summer I slipped of my healthy eating plan right into a vat of carbohydrates. sigh. However, good news, I have found Dr Dukan's healthy eating and am on my way back. Finally I have discovered the secret of maintaining.
Here is a sweet taste of spring for you.  Pink and white tulips are so welcome this time of year.

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