Friday, August 12, 2011

I love Classical Music

When you work in an environment that can make you crazy, if you let it. I recommend a dose of classical music. Classical Music is not all Mozart, Bach and Bethoven you know. I am not into the heavy "Chamber Music"or the extended operatic arias but there are some selections I would highly suggest.
The 1812 Overture is excellent for dealing with cranky customers. There are some people you just can not make happy. I little cannon fire in the background makes it easier for me to listen to their whining.

Ravel's Bolero...Makes filing a damn site more fun..

For book keeping I like some Debussy. It is restful and helps me to concentrate.
I listen to CBC Radio 2 while I am at work. Give yourself a chance and switch your dial to FM you may be pleasantly surprised.
I leave you with this video clip; this gives me goose bumps. British Airways liked the music so much they used it in an ad at one time.
Now, wasn't that beautiful?


Happyone:-) said...

Oh I love the 1812 Overture.
Those cannon shots are awesome!!

Knitman said...

I have asked John to pick out a piece for me from his collection. I have never been into classical but wonder if there are pieces I will like. Yes, the odd tune here and there, but never have I listened to a whole symphony.