Sunday, February 12, 2012

8 more sleeps...

Spiffy new carry-on bag
...before we leave on our holiday. I haven't even started to plan, past a bathing suit what I am going to take. I still have a week. Went out and bought my self a huge floppy hat to take down south. My tablet is loaded with movies, books and magazines. Think I may take a small crochet project along to pass the time on the plane. We have two 4 hour flights just to get there.

Read last night that Whitney Huston has died. It is always tragic when someone so young dies but the tragedy is that she wasted the life she had. She had a career, a god given talent, family and wealth and what did she end up with? Very sad and a warning to every one that fame is fleeting and the choices you make in life can have disastrous effects. I feel for those who loved her. Elvis all over again.

Logan 8 months
Grand babies are thriving. They are so much fun. Love their little cheeks. Logan has teeth and Emily is getting over a bad cough. This has been such a funny winter. These babies will welcome some warm spring days Along with the rest of us.
Emily 2 months

Letting my hair grow again. I am so sorry I had it cut off last spring. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Frivolous thought really but there you go. That's all I have today.
Be good to yourself and don't take life for granted look at Whitney!

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