Sunday, July 24, 2011


Back again, after a hiatus. Working full time again and that took some getting used to. My grandson is beautiful and is a joy to us all. All fifteen pounds of him the little

Logan and his Aunti Julia
I have hardly knit anything lately, Rather I should say I haven't finished anything. Started a couple of things but finished little. Lost track of all the blogs I used to read faithfully, out of touch with my Ravelry groups. Why? I have no idea. Not as if I have been writing so I can't use that as an excuse.

It seems as if my get up and go packed it's bags and has left me lethargic. It may have taken a while for summer to get here but it is here with a venegance now. The grass is dried out and there are more flies in the house than the Amityville horror. Nasty beasties...shudder You know the blue bottle ones that dive bomb you. Hate them.

Have spent way too much time on Pinterest. It is a virtual scapbook. You download this little "pin it" thing and when you come across a picture of something you like on the web, you "pin it" to your album. A way to waste time BIG TIME!!

Got a new phone, all high tech savy but unless I am in a free WIFI I hesitate to use the data as I fear using too much. Guess  I am not as high tech as I thought.

 O.K. I guess that is it for now

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Happyone : ) said...

Hi, glad to see you back posting again. : )
Your grandson looks like he has a good appetite. He is adorable.
Summer has been a record breaker. We had a high of 106!! The hottest I've ever been in.
Enjoy your day.