Friday, May 20, 2011

Mom's Birthday

Today would have been my mother's 86th birthday. Somedays I feel old, really old. The time is flying by, which is evidenced by this blog.
My grandson is home from the hospital and is thriving, my grand daughters are growing into teenagers, there is a new baby expected this fall and my retirement will be here before I am ready.

My baby and his baby

I sound like an old lady moaning about "Where did the time go." Sorry. This train of thought started when I got a little cotton sweater out of the drawer the other day. For a "store bought" sweater it is really cute and I was thinking about when I bought it.
I started counting back and remembered a picture taken in Amsterdam when I was getting on a canal boat. The sweater was bought for that trip. Then it hit me . That was 19 yrs ago. Nineteen years. Gone zap out of my life.
Another 19 yrs gone that fast and I will be almost as old as my mother the last time I saw her.
I am sure I have more than 19 yrs worth of knitting in my yarn stash. Crickey.
Mom always said, "If your not getting older your dead." So I should just shut up...lolol

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