Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sleepless in.........

It's 4 am and my alarm goes off. At 4:02 his alarm goes off. Gee that's an improvement over last Sat morning when this scenario played out at THREE A.M.

Yes, he has an early morning run today. Now, I will be awake until around 8 when the body will suddenly say, "What were you thinking?" and I will fall into bed. Good thing I am off today. In typical procrastinating form I have to get my July knitting contest project on the needles. So this is as good a time as any.(Sigh, part of my Ravelry addiction) AWHHH, nuts. It has taken me this long to come up with an idea. August looms and I still haven't decided whethter I will go into the Knit Olympics.

Our morning conversation went like this:

He: OMG I have bags under my eyes.

Me: Thank God for glasses that turn dark in the sun. Go stand out side for a moment.

He: It's 4 am......

Me: Oh...pause..OK I will go get a flashlight

He: Does it have UV rays???

Me: (silence) sigh, What time did you say it was? I rest my case.

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