Monday, July 07, 2008

A Jane Eyre Weekend

The weekend flew by, as usual, and Monday morning looms. I have to be out of the house in an hour..sigh. It seems all my favourite blog reads are stuck in a summer "daze". There was nothing to read this morning and I have been as guilty as they.

There is something wonderful about Monday morning. the week, clean, free of mistakes and fraught with possibilities, lies ahead.

I was exceptionally lazy this weekend and spent Saturday watching Pride and Prejudice (again)and Jane Eyre )again). I went out to the used dvd store and found a new BBC rendition of Jane Eyre, for some reason that story appeals to me. I am not happy with this one the actress is insipid. I will watch to the end but doubt I will watch it again. Charlotte Gainsbourg is the best Jane Eyre (1996) I have seen. William Hurt is a believable Rochester and the costumes and settings are authentic. All in all one of my favourite movies.

I also worked on my Ravelry account. I added more projects, finished and WIP. Look for me there as "Suzanknits." I still have to take pictures of my yarn stash and get them posted. I joined a couple of groups on Bead Knittng also. As I said, it was a lazy weekend.

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