Monday, July 14, 2008

I was restless this weekend......

It isn't really boredom and I am not depressed. I just have been feeling a little lonely. The damn gas is so expensive I haven't been able to take off on the weekend as I wanted. I wandered over to the mall but I didn't see one person I knew.
I used to work retail and..ergo.. spent a lot of time talking to and with customers. I now sit in an office by myself and although I usually enjoy the silence lately it has been making me feel a little wistful for conversation in the workplace.
I mean I talk on the phone all day to customers and suppliers but it isn't the same. Mind you when they are annoying I don't have to stand there and smile I can stick my tongue out at the telephone ( how
Then, quite often when I get home at night my partner is at work. I miss him when he's gone so much. Now that Chloe is gone I don't have any company except the geriatric cat and she sleeps all the time. Oh well, this sounds like a whine and I didn't mean it to. I think I am just pissed off I had the whole weekend at home alone and I couldn't go anywhere because the gas is so expensive. Boo Hoo. Poor Me. OK enough of that. I am actually feeling very good about myself right now. Life is good I have just had a little more alone time than I would like. I should keep track of this date for later when I will be wishing for a little peace and quiet. Some days there is just nooo pleasing me...*laughing*

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