Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Afternoon.....

Sunday afternoon and no one to talk to. So I decided to go for a drive, not far, just here in London. While I was getting ready the sky opened up and poured a deluge. I went a head and packed a picnic, grabbed the camera, plugged in my my ipod and took the umbrella from behind the door. I went to visit Eldon House, which was open, but then the sun came out and I had a better idea. I went to Woodland Historical Cemetery. It was just me and the deer...right in the middle of the picture, 2 of them. You can hardly see them but they were there. The rain stopped and I wandered around reading headstones. Cemeteries are a fountain of information. They chronicle the health, prosperity, artistic tastes, morality and the growth of a city. To a student of history, cemeteries are gems of information.
Cemetery art always facinates me. Mount Pleasant cemetery in Toronto or the Necropolis are facination islands of history. This is Luigi's family they were from Moderno in Italy.
The is the center of 3 hill "crypts." Very interesting. dating from the late 1800's
This Celtic cross has different knotwork on all 4 sides.
In memory of "Emma", 47 (!) and 2 infant children. Life was hard. July 31,1883
This was for a child called simply "Baby Sloan" . Makes you wonder why they would go to the expense of a statue and then just call the infant "Baby?"

The sun finally came out and I stopped by the water at Springbank Park. This bench bore a plaque(under the bench) saying it was erected in memory of "Mom" thank you Lisa and Michelle I enjoyed the use of "Mom's bench." This is a far more practical memorial than all the other's I saw this afternoon.

Yes, that is knitting on the bench next to my lunch...the bamboo socks linger on....
The view was quite lovely and there was a little chipmunk running around the leaves.

Time to pack up my "stuff," as George Carlin would have said and go home.


Granny's Girls said...

They are very serien, and beautiful.
~Daughter #2

Raveller said...

Aren't cemeteries great places to wander? Growing up, we used to be taken to look for lost relatives by my godmother. Then we'd spread out our blanket and have lunch right there on the edge of the cemetery!